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Our aim is to create functional, visually appealing outdoor spaces. Spaces which integrate the interior with the exterior and reflect each client’s unique personalities and requirements.

Working in close consultation with our clients we have the ability to take projects from design to installation or offer each service individually.

Perth premier landscape designers


Initial consultation and concept plans

An on site assessment and initial consultation. This will focus on your needs and desires for your outdoor space, how we can create a vision for this space and how your personal style can be reflected in the landscape. What are your material and plant preferences? What are lifestyle and functional considerations that need to be taken into account?

Full Design Service

A 3-step process. From concept plans several preferred ‘concepts’ will be developed as a preliminary design and then in close consultation a master plan document will be drawn. This will include a planting plan – detailing type, size and quantities of plants, hardscaping quantities, specifications and construction detail drawings for sub-contractors to follow.


Project Management

 A timeline will be provided to the client, and we will project manage the landscape install and ensure all phases are completed and signed off before the next phase commences. 

This will commonly involve coordinating earthworks, services, hardscaping requirements, soil amendments  the way to reticulation and lighting.

Planting Consultation

Need some advice on what to plant and where? Removing old, tired plants and renovating existing garden beds? HLD can provide a soil pH test with results and provide a list of suitable plants for various areas in your garden and advice on how to improve your soil.


Plant Source & Supply

A service provided in conjunction with an install or individually by HLD. With regular contact with many specialist wholesale nurseries I can select strong, vibrant quality plant stock from wholesalers as far south as Manjimup and as far north as Carabooda.


Landscape Design

Plant Supply

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Project Management and installation