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Established in 2009, Hunter Landscape Design offers a comprehensive service to meet the unique demands of each project, whether it be a compact urban space or a large residential site.

Our key aim is to create functional, visually appealing outdoor spaces. Spaces that respect architecture and appreciate and reflect each client’s unique style.

Specialising in the western suburbs, we work in close consultation with our clients, which can see the design evolve from a series of initial concepts to a detailed final design with plant schedules and construction detail documentation.

From there, we can oversee the tendering process to a select group of preferred contractors to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

We have the ability to take projects from design to installation or offer each service individually.

At HLD, we also provide a plant sourcing and supply service that hand-select the best possible wholesale plant stock in Western Australia from a network of wholesale suppliers.

We are proficient in designing various garden styles, including:

  • Native
  • Waterwise
  • Formal
  • Tropical
  • Minimalist
  • Mediterranean
  • Succulent /Santa Fe
  • Japanese

For examples, please visit our gallery.

To find out more about Hunter Landscape Design and how we can help you, please call 0421 748 846.

Hunter Landscape Design: Crafting Timeless Outdoor Spaces in Western Australia

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landscape Designer Floreat Western Australia

At the heart of Western Australia’s Landscape Design Industry, Hunter Landscape Design (HLD) has been a beacon of creativity and innovation since its establishment in 2009. Our journey in the realm of landscape design is fueled by a commitment to excellence, client collaboration, and the creation of outdoor spaces that transcend the ordinary. With a focus on the western suburbs, we specialise in transforming urban spaces and residential sites into functional, visually captivating oases that reflect your unique style.

The Artistry of Hunter Landscape Design


Tailored Excellence for Every Project

At HLD, our ethos is simple yet powerful: every landscape is unique, and every client deserves a personalised outdoor haven that mirrors their individual taste. Whether you have a small urban space that yearns for a touch of green or a sprawling residential site that beckons for a complete transformation, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Our mission is to create outdoor spaces that not only meet your practical needs but also exceed your aesthetic aspirations. We understand that your landscape is an extension of your lifestyle, and we take this to heart in every project we undertake. From respecting the existing architecture to reflecting your personal style, HLD ensures your outdoor area is more than just a space; it’s an experience.

Collaborative Design Journey

The journey with HLD begins with close consultation. We believe in the power of collaboration and understand that the best landscapes are created when our clients are an integral part of the design process. Your dreams, ideas, and preferences are the fuel for our creative engine. Together, we embark on a design journey, evolving from initial concepts to a detailed final design with plant schedules and construction detail documentation. Your landscape design isn’t just a blueprint; it’s a story waiting to be told.

Quality Assurance

At HLD, we understand that a well-designed landscape is only half the story. The other half is the execution. We take pride in our ability to oversee the tendering process, working closely with a select group of preferred contractors to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. When you choose HLD, you choose a team that is committed to turning your dreams into reality. We can take your project from the design phase right through to installation, providing a seamless and stress-free experience.

Plant Sourcing and Supply Expertise

In addition to our comprehensive design and construction services, we offer a unique plant sourcing and supply service. We hand-select the best wholesale plant stock in Western Australia from a network of trusted suppliers. This ensures that your landscape not only boasts innovative design but also thrives with lush, healthy vegetation. We understand the importance of sourcing the right plants for your specific environment, and our plant sourcing service is just one more way we ensure your outdoor space thrives.

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we are proficient in crafting a wide array of garden styles, some of the garden styles we specialise in are:

Native Gardens

Celebrate the unique beauty of Australian flora with a native garden that embraces the local environment. Native gardens are not only low-maintenance but also attract native wildlife, adding a touch of the wild to your outdoor space.

Waterwise Landscapes

In a country known for its arid landscapes, water conservation is paramount. Our waterwise landscapes blend aesthetics with practicality, utilising drought-tolerant plants and irrigation systems to create greenery and sustainable gardens.

Formal Gardens

For those who appreciate symmetry and timeless elegance, formal gardens offer a structured and refined design that can transform any space into a masterpiece of order and beauty.

Tropical Paradises

Escape to your own tropical retreat with our expertly crafted tropical gardens. Lush foliage, vibrant colors, and a sense of exotic paradise await in your own backyard.

Minimalist Landscapes

Less is more in our minimalist landscapes. The clean lines, simple colour and plant palettes, and functional design offer a serene escape from the complexities of everyday life.

Mediterranean Inspiration

Capture the charm of the Mediterranean with a landscape that evokes the relaxed elegance of Southern Europe. Olive trees, lavender, and terracotta accents set the stage for a captivating outdoor experience.

Succulent and Santa Fe Gardens

Succulents and Santa Fe-style gardens create a unique, arid beauty that’s low-maintenance and strikingly distinctive. Becoming increasingly popular these landscapes are perfect for those who appreciate a touch of the extraordinary and a magnificent water wise alternative to other styles. Succulents similar to cactus’ store their water in their leaves, therefore this style can be irrigation free known as Xeriscaping.

Japanese Zen Gardens

Find serenity in a Japanese Zen garden. These carefully composed spaces offer tranquility, balance, and harmony, ideal for reflection and relaxation.

In Conclusion


Hunter Landscape Design is more than a landscape design company; we are your creative partner in shaping the outdoor haven of your dreams. With over a decade of experience, our commitment to excellence, quality assurance, and diverse garden styles have made us a trusted name in Western Australia’s landscape design industry.

Our journey begins with your vision, and together, we transform your ideas into outdoor spaces that tell your unique story. Whether you desire a native garden that blends seamlessly with the environment or a formal garden that exudes timeless elegance, HLD is here to bring your dreams to life.

Our plant sourcing and supply service ensures that your garden thrives, and our commitment to quality ensures that your vision is realized with meticulous attention to detail.

For an outdoor experience that transcends the ordinary and leaves a lasting impression. Your landscape is our canvas, and we’re here to create a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create functional, visually appealing outdoor spaces. Spaces which connect the interior with the exterior and reflect each client’s unique style.  Marriage of form and function underpin the ability to produce original landscapes that both look good yet fulfil their purpose, whether that be to entertain, relax, or play in.


Initial consultation and concept plans

An on site assessment and initial consultation. This will focus on your needs and desires for your outdoor space, how we can create a vision for this space and how your personal style can be reflected in the landscape. What are your material and plant preferences? What are lifestyle and functional considerations that need to be taken into account?

Full Design Service

A 3-step process. From concept plans several preferred ‘concepts’ will be developed as a preliminary design and then in close consultation a master plan document will be drawn. This will include a planting plan – detailing type, size and quantities of plants, hardscaping quantities, specifications and construction detail drawings for sub-contractors to follow.


Project Management

 A timeline will be provided to the client, and we will project manage the landscape install and ensure all phases are completed and signed off before the next phase commences. 

This will commonly involve coordinating earthworks, services, hardscaping requirements, soil amendments  the way to reticulation and lighting.

Planting Consultation

Need some advice on what to plant and where? Removing old, tired plants and renovating existing garden beds? HLD can provide a soil pH test with results and provide a list of suitable plants for various areas in your garden and advice on how to improve your soil.


Plant Source & Supply

A service provided in conjunction with an install or individually by HLD. With regular contact with many specialist wholesale nurseries I can select strong, vibrant quality plant stock from wholesalers as far south as Manjimup and as far north as Carabooda.


Nigel from HLD turned a barren 900 square metre area beneath an 8 storey block of units in Mosman Park into a wonderful native stroll garden for all the tenants to admire and enjoy.

Gill Vivian, Vivian Real Estate

Knowing my love of native flowering plants and wanting to retain the large central Paperbark in my front yard Nigel presented several different concept designs with this in mind. The circular design complements the existing aggregate and deck, His team installed water wise natives with succulents which require minimal maintenance, and feature masses of red and yellow kangaroo paws in spring and summer, and stunning dwarf banksias in autumn. I love spending time in my garden.

Robyn, Lathlain

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